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Guest cirej2000

More configuration for SNMP monitoring

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Guest cirej2000

Is it currently possible to allow for more configuration in the SNMP monitoring tool?


I would like to be able to choose whichever numeric counters are available for the particular system MIB. Viewing things like load averages; system wait times and other items are important in many cases.


Also very important is the ability to view more than one server at a time. Unless you're running everything on one box (which is probably not a very good idea for most load test environments if that's not what's going on in Production); this really limits the ability to correlate your load tests with the monitoring metrics from your full system under test.




..it also might be important to add the ability to change the SNMP port from 161 to something else. It's not going to be needed probably 99% of the time. But for someone who needs it that 1% of the time, it's probably going to be a nightmare to get a Sys Admin to change the services on the servers.



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