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  1. Hello WAPT Pro Team, I see an option Reconnect on network timeout profile which is described as the WAPT Pro will reconnect to the timed-out session on WAPT Pro help.Does this mean WAPT Pro will create a new session with same user? Can you please elaborate about it and the usage? Thanks
  2. Can we see WAPT Pro compatibility on Mac OS in future?
  3. Thanks Sergei, I made the changes mentioned and i achieved what i need.Thanks much.
  4. Hi Team, I trying to create a 3 loop situation where each loop iterates 5 times and printing a number which is concatenation of iteration number for 3 loops. I expecting the output to be as below 000 001 002 003 004 010 011 012 013 014 ….. ….. 440 441 442 443 444 But Output seen as below 000 001 002 003 004 015 016 017 018 019 ….. ….. I tried to have a java script operator after the loop and set it to zero.But the inner loop counter is not resetting after the loop over it changed its iteration count.Do you know why and how I can achieve that way I needed?I have emailed my profile to support@loadtestingtool.com.Any help is really appreciated.Thanks
  5. Hi, I have a scenario where a user login into a website and navigate to report page and click couple of links there where each click will download a report file.When im recording the script it downloaded a file but when i added more user and ran the script i don't see the files related to them downloaded.Is there a way i can specify where all the downloaded files should go? I want to look at the downloaded file to make sure each user did a download.Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi Sergei, I have sent profile to above mentioned email address referencing to this post. Thanks
  7. Hi, Im trying to create a script with multiple user who login to website.I had the username,password in a users.csv file with column one (index 0) is username and column two is password and this file has multiple users.I have mocked the username and passwords in the csv file. But when i run the script both username and pass code are populating in username space separated by a comma and password is left blank. Should i have username and password in different csv files? Can you please help me fix this? Thanks
  8. Hello WAPT team, Im trying to record a script against a ASP.Net web application using WAPT Pro 5.0 in which i log in to an application , upload an excel spread sheet and log out of application.Once i recorded the script i check each page to see if the tool create dynamic variables for __OSVSTATE,__VIEWSTATE and other hidden fields.For most of the pages script created dynamic pages but for 2 pages it didnt assign a dynamic varible to __OSVSTATE instead created a static text.I have attached screenshots of the same.Can you please let me know what am i doing wrong? How to fix it?
  9. How do i set only one session(i request for business process like login) for each user? When i run test case i see more than 1 session under each user and the extra session are not complete(these dont exactly have every page in the first session) . Any help is really appreciated. Thanks Prashanth
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