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  1. We’ve just updated to the newest version (9.3), and got passed the above issue. However, now we can’t replay (or verify the reply). A network error is displayed. Network error: 10000 - "" We have tried to add the certificate on the client side, but without any success. Wireshark reveals that the SSL handshake fails. The only topic I could find on this issue is: https://www.loadtestingtool.com/forum/topic/109-socket-error-10000/ Where the solution was to upgrade to a newer WAPT version. Since the topic is dated back more than 5 years ago, I believe the solution is not working for us. I find this completely baffling, that the tool can record a session but not reply it.
  2. Hi, We are experiencing somewhat similar problem. We are trying to performance test a site, that is not live (DNS lookup would not return any IP address), thus we have added the IP address and its domain to the 'hosts' file (on the server running WAPT). Accessing the site from the computer across different browsers works fine. Accessing the site from within WAPT fails with the message as described above. The SSL certificate requires TLS 1.2. Could that be the issue? Or is the issue, that we have added DNS entry in the 'hosts' file. We have WAPT 8.5 running on Windows 10 enterprise. We are using the following browsers: Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0 Chrome Version 57.0.2987.110 Firefox 49.0.1 Regards WAPTnewbie
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