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  1. I wasn't able to resolve the situation but we worked around it, I suspect a network issue on my end. You can delete this thread if you wish.
  2. Sortry, that should have read "I can open the URL with any browser without any errors". I have ten QA servers, 1 through 10. WAPT can get to 1 through 5 but not 6 through 10. The servers are exactly the same, no firewall. -Peter
  3. WAPT is reporting an immediate failure trying to connect to a URL, it gets an error, "Network ertror: 10000". If I go into any browser using the exact same URL it opens immediately with an error. I tried shutting off the user think time but it made no difference. As far as WAPT is concerned it's almost like the URL doesn't exist. Any ideas on what the issue could be before I go talk to my IT department? -Peter
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