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  1. Hi, I am testing WAPT on a digital asset management software system. During the test, does WAPT really transfer the uploaded or downloaded files when executing the corresponding steps recorded in the profile? I want to test another similar DAM system at different URL. Instead of recording a new profile, can I use the same recorded profile by e.g. just modifying the URLs in it?
  2. Thanks for the reply, but may be I did not ask the question clearly. See the screenshot for the New Scenario Wizard Page 1. http://1drv.ms/1HjgxVT If I select Stress Test, the suggested values (e.g. no. of virtual users, time duration etc) in subsequent pages are the same as Performance Test. So I am curious how is the Stress Test different from Performance Test in this case....... or they are actually the same in this case?
  3. I have downloaded a trail copy and tested both Performance and Stress Tests. I understand what we are trying to achieve for doing Stress Test. But how does the Stress Test work differently as compared to Performace Test? Both require similar inputs when creating new scenario.
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