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  1. @noobjuggler A single logical request, something like click of a button, is translated into multiple http requests, WAPT senses these requests and gives statistics for each of these requests, however the customer is going to be more interested in the logical request i.e how much time did it take for the results to come up after the click of the button. WAPT is giving out micro statistics on the individual http requests, any hints on how to aggregate them, how do other people handle such scenarios ? PFA a snapshot of what i speaking about, here WAPT senses about 5 http requests against a single button click, what i am really interested in is something like a aggregation of all these 5 requests.
  2. Is there a blog or document which explains the WAPT report in detail ? like a explanation of each row and column in the report. I especially cannot understand the meaning of the highlighted row. Thanks
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