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  1. Can i declare a variable at the beginning, instead of it pulling a new value each time? For instance, and i pull a random zip code at the beginning and keep using that same code? If i use $Lrand() each time, it comes up with a different number.
  2. I have a file with address, city, state, zip. I need to randomly select the address, but the city, state, and zip have to match. I can separate each into their own file, and use $LRand(), but that chooses any random address, and combines that with any random zip, etc. I can use $LOrder(), but that starts at the beginning of the file each time. Same with comma separated values. I basically need each session to randomly choose a line of a csv file, and not just start at the beginning row each time we start a test.
  3. If there are internal server errors (500) showing on the errors report, how do I easily locate the user and session where the error occurred? Right now, it looks like i have to scroll through every user and session until i find it.
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