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  1. Just adding what worked fro others benefit. I used javascript to open outlook and get the code i need from the email. I had to change the loadagent manager to use the same account for which i gave the outlook access. I also had to give "Full Control " to this user to WAPT installations folder and also the loadagent manager folder. Then it worked like a charm. I love WAPT.
  2. Hi, I am recording actions on a website. The actions include login, passing a challenge then clicking on few others pages. I separated login and challenge into 1 profile and the other actions into another profile. Now, I need some session variables from profile 1 inorder to execute profile2. How can I pass those variables from profile1 to profile 2?
  3. Hi, I am recording a script where as part of a login a one-time password will be sent to outlook. How can I script it so that WAPt accesses the outlook email and opens the emails and copies the passcode and pastes it in the script. This is a very critical step and I need help to see how this can be done.
  4. Hi, I record a script and it records fine. But when I try to verify the test, I get the message back saying JavaScript is turned off. How can I turn this on?
  5. Hi, I am using WAPT to record some actions on a mobile device. So, I basically configured the mobile device to go through the same proxy as wapt and recording actions. The ios and android devices work great and record all the traffic. But when I use the windows device, none of the traffic gets recorded. I can see i have connectivity and my app works but I dont see any traffic in wapt. The windows app uses C# and silver light. Can someone please tell me why WAPt doesnt read this traffic? Thanks.
  6. Hi, Is there a way to convert the wapt script into Json? Basically the HTTP Headers and body?I need to run the same request using another tool and that tool is failing with the same parameters. I was wondering if I can simply export script from WAPt?
  7. Hi, I added an ODBC connection source and i ran my test. But all the performance counters for my sql server come out as Zero. The default counters provided like user connections etc give an error when i test them. How can I edit them and what should I put in there? Please provide an example. My DB name is: testDB.
  8. Hi, I am trying to do a stress test and even after i chose http fwding all my requests come from the same ip through wapt. We log the ip from where we get requests and it all comes from one ip. How do I generate requests from different ips?
  9. Hi, I have been using WAPt for 3 years now and am reasonably familiar with it but got stumped by a new challenge. I have a test that ran with 2 virtual users for 1 hour by executing about 1900 sessions. One of my request is a logon request and I have parametrized this with an initial variable list and I marked to use this list for each new session. My test ran for the 1 hour duration with 2 virtual users by using different userid and pwd for each SEssion. I didnt get any errors. Next I ran the test with 20 virtual users for 20 mins. My test failed immediately with web service errors. My question is if I want to see whether my application can support concurrent connections and can act like a truly threaded application, should I parametrize the sessions or the users?
  10. I have a similar scenario where my first page itself is a request that contains numbers that randomly change. I used your example file and i initialized the javascript before page1 and gave a value1. I declared the value1 in initial variables but when i verify it, the script still fails saying value1 is not found. Can you please help? I attached screenshot of my issue if that helps.
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