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  1. Hi,


    Can the Server Port parameter be changed to take its value from a Variable?

    The test scenario I cannot complete at the moment is:


    We login to an initial fixed URL

    Logon load balancing then occurs, and we receive a REDIRECT via a URL link.

    We use Search variables to grab the SERVER and the PORT from the REDIRECT link.

    One subsequent pages - we replace the originally captured SERVER value with the Search variable - so the SERVER value is dynamically set at runtime.

    This way we correctly move to the server we have been redirected to by the logon load balance


    We also need to set the PORT value in the same fashion.

    The reason we need to set the PORT value in the same fashion - is due to the PORT number being different for different SERVERs.

    At present - the PORT value at runtime has to remain the same for all traffic for the duration of each session.

    This means all SERVERs have to have the same PORT value.

    When one SERVER has a different PORT value than the others - then each WAPT session that is load balanced to this server will fail.



  2. Hi,


    WAPT lets you specify a variable for the Server

    But it does not let you specify a variable for the Port.


    The scenario I am trying to support is


    Logon to initial URL

    Logon load balance occurs - via a REDIRECT contained within a link.

    This link contains a different URL which containis a different Server:Port .


    We can capture the Server, and the Port, from the REDIRECT.

    We can change the Server property to be "$Var(RLink)" - where RLink is the Server name from the REDIRECT URL

    But - we cannot change the Port property to be from a variable - which is also populated from the REDIRECT URL


    If the Ports for the various Servers involved are different - then we cannot use WAPT to replay traffic by going via the logon load balancing mechanism


    Is there a way to specify a variable that can be used to determine the PORT for the Server - at runtime?

    This would also provide WAPT profile portability between environments - where the Server and Port ranges can often be different.



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