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WAPT Pro 2.5 is finally released!

We have been working on this release for quite a while and now I am happy to announce the release of WAPT Pro 2.5. The product is available for download here. As usual, all registered users of WAPT Pro can upgrade free of charge.

We will also update the regular version of WAPT soon. It will include same features except the last two in the list below: we provide them only for the experts who use the Pro version. So, here is the list of new features.

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WAPT is now integrated with the most popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. You can use any of them to record user sessions for your test. You can also use any other external browser running on the same or different system as well as on a mobile device.

Ability to identify the source of dynamic values in server responses

While working on the test parameterization, you need to determine the origin of each dynamic value appearing inside the user session. Now WAPT can automatically search server responses and suggest a place from which the value can be extracted.

Full recording and replaying of request headers

WAPT now records all HTTP headers and uses them when executing the test. It automatically handles changing data contained in dynamic headers, such as cookies, and let you specify custom header values. This can be done either for the whole virtual user profile or for each request separately.

Support for request parameters passed without values

Some web sites require certain request parameters to be passed without a value. To support this situation WAPT now has an option to mark any parameter as having no value.

A new operator for stopping the test execution on an exceptional condition

In addition to the “Stop session” operator, you can now use the “Stop test” operator that interrupts the entire test execution.

New options to handle page elements recording

You can specify how WAPT should distinguish between general page requests and requests to page elements, such as image files. Usually page elements do not require parameterization and it is preferable to keep them in a separate list in order to optimize the test.

Easy conversion of page elements to separate requests and vice versa

If a request was recorded as a page element, but you need to parameterize it, you can easily convert it to a separate page request. In the opposite situation you may need to convert a bunch of sub-requests to page elements of a parent request. Both changes can be done with couple clicks.

Emulation of browsers with disabled cookies

Some people use security options that disable cookies in their browsers. As a result, web applications have to use different methods to pass session variables to the server. To include such sessions in your test you can disable cookies support in WAPT for the corresponding profiles.

Ability to export full test execution data to an external base

You can use any external data management and processing system to work with the results of your load tests. WAPT Pro can export the complete test statistics, including timing for each separate request and response.

New calculation modes for database performance counters

For some database performance counters (such as the total number of performed transactions) it is preferable to measure the rate at which they are changing, rather than their instant values. Now you can specify for each custom counter how its value should be monitored.

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  1. Sounds like a great release, thanks WAPT team!!!

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