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WAPT Pro 3.0 released!

I wish I could make this post half a year ago. This is a really long awaited release, but it has finally happened. So, let’s see what’s new. Here is the list of added features. Sorry for so short descriptions. I will probably add more comments on some of these features in the next post.

Highly configurable test load

You can specify all load parameters separately for each virtual user profile. For example, you can join constant, growing and periodic load in the same test. You can also choose a specific load agent for each profile, if you do not want to use the automatic allocation.

Integration with your development environment

You can launch test execution using command line with extended options and specify a number of options for the output of your test results. You can organize the results of successive test executions into a storage containing reports, logs and CSV files marked with dates and test labels.

Improved test debug and verification capabilities

When you design tests you often need to parameterize the profiles to make them produce consistent and correct copies of the initially recorded session. To do this most efficiently you can now use the enhanced log viewer that will let you compare any part of the request or server response with the originally recorded data, check variable values, get extended timing information, etc.

Scheduled test execution

You can specify the date and time you would like to execute the specified test scenario, as well as repeat its execution regularly using the integrated scheduler.

Support for streaming HTTP requests

Some web applications, such as video players or stock quote viewers, constantly receive streaming data in the background even while the client application stays inactive or performs other activities. You can now create highly realistic tests for such web sites.

Emulation of multiple browser connections for a single session

Browsers usually keep several open HTTP connections within the same user session. Additional connections are used to load page elements and send AJAX requests initiated by the open page. This reduces total page download time and improves the overall web site performance from the user perspective. This browser behavior is now fully emulated in WAPT.

Parameterization of file upload

If your test includes one or more file upload requests, you can make different virtual users use different files. You now have two options for this: specify a folder to take files from, or parameterize text inside a single file. In the latter case WAPT will change the file content by inserting the values of variables inside it.


  1. Hi Ivan, Thanks for releasing WAPT 3.0 version. seems having nice features on reporting. I uses WAPT 2.5, How can i upgrade to 3.0?

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