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Can i automate FTP upload using WAPT

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Hi Team,

We have been performing performance testing of our application UI using WAPT 4.3


We have few scenarios which involve a two part process:

- First part involves FTP of a file

- Second part takes place from UI where we process the file which was FTPed in first step


Second step can be achieved using WAPT


We wanted to understand by any chance can we also work upon the first step using WAPT.


Thanks in advance.

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WAPT doesn't support FTP protocol.

But you can use JavaScript to run shell command and upload file to FTP with help of third party tool.

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We are trying to achieve this using a Batch file. This batch file has been called inside WAPT using Javascript.

Issue here is that the Batch file individually runs fine. Also the same runs perfectly fine inside the browser console. But when we run this through WAPT, this fails.

Is there some step which we are missing?


We have IE11 on WAPT machine and i presume that WAPT uses the same.


Below is the Javascript code



var myObject = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
var result = myObject.Run("D:\\welcome.bat");
log.message("Batch File executed successfully");
Welcome.bat file contains code to place files to a remote server.

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Try to execute following code:


var command = "D:\\welcome.bat"
var argument = "";

var shellapp = new ActiveXObject("Shell.Application");
shellapp.ShellExecute(command, argument, null, "open", 1);

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