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Server push inside session using WAPT

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My application uses server push to notify the client of changes, how can I integrate this in WAPT?


This is how it works:

During login, the server assigns a session id to each client -> I have been able to extract this id into a variable

Then the client sends a push request using the session id -> Also no problem using the variable for sessions id


What now happens is, that the server either sends push data in 200OK during a 120 seconds timeframe, or answers 120 seconds after the client request with a 200OK plus timeout information.

During the 120 sec timeframe, the client of course should send it's regular requests to the server, so the entire server push mechanism must be running in parallel to the regular user session.

After an answer from the server, the client sends a fresh push request, to keep the server push channel open. This goes on, until the client logs out.


Is it possible to replicate this in WAPT?



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You can convert your push request to streaming request. Just select it and click on Convert To Streaming in right click menu.

Streaming request will be executed in parallel.

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