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Howto save profiles with uncompressed content (gzip=false)?

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Hi all,

because I can't find & replace my session ID part within the requests (POST request body) I want to do it with the help of Notepad++. For that I open the .wpp file with the editor to do the search & replace action. But the content is compresses, so I can't do that replacing.


My question is: How can I deactivate the content compression (gzip=false)?


.wpp-part of my interest: <binRequestHeader base64="1" gzip="TRUE">


My idea is:

1. save the profile with decompressed content

2. search & replace the binary string with my variable and save the file

3. load the profile with WAPT Pro and activate the compression


I work with http-POST requests and binary content (hessian protocol).


What is the best procedure to do that?




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Hi Sergei,

thank you for that helpful functionality. It works fine with my script.


But back to my question: would it be possible to save the script without compression? I wonder why the script file contains gzip="TRUE".


Thanks again.


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binRequestHeader are originally recorded headers, you can't change them.

If you want to change a some header of request, you need to change data in Profile/Main/Document/Request/Headers/Header.

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OK, until now I understood, that:

- "binRequestHeader" contains recorded data

- "mimeRequestHeader" contains my request data for the header (request header)

But where is my binary request data of a http-POST stored?


I can see other potential places for the POST request data:

- <binRequestBody base64="1" gzip="TRUE">...

- <BinaryData Version="1" modified="TRUE"><text base64="65001" gzip="TRUE">...


Please note that both places are compressed.

Regards, Niko

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Hello Niko,

Sorry for the delay.

"binRequestBody" section contains an originally recorded request.

If you want to change the request you need to modify BinaryData section.

If the request was never modified in WAPT you need to add BinaryData section to the request manually.

We do not plan to add a possibility to save unzipped data, so you need to unzip and unbase64 request data manually.

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