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WAPT Pro: Uninstaller reports Exception

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When I run the uninstaller for WAPT Pro (4.3 64-bit), there is the following error during the uninstall process "Exception EInvalidOp in module Uninstall.exe at 0003D9B0.

Invalid floating point operation."


When I acknowledge this error, the uninstaller closes, the WAPT Pro entry is removed from "Programs and Features", but all data remains in the install dir.


I'm using Win2012R2 Standard, the install directory is custom (D:\WAPT\WAPT_Pro_4_3_x64). Installed components is "WAPT Pro Workplace" and "Load Agent". LoadAgent temp is "D:\WAPT\WAPT_Pro_4_3_x64\LoadAgentTemp"


I had the same issue with WAPT Pro 4.0 64-bit when I updated to 4.3.


This issue is 100% reproducible. When I reinstall, then uninstall again, the same error is displayed.

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