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Testing Adobe Connect

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I'm trying to load test the Adobe Connect meeting application, which uses a mixture of html pages and flash. I've got the WAPT flash module installed, and the test recording works fine.


The test setup is very simple:

1. User enters a Meeting URL

2. User enters meeting as a guest (I have this setup as a variable, e.g. Guest1, Guest2)

3. This then loads the meeting


Verifying the test shows no issue, and while the test is running no errors or failed sessions are recorded. However during the run no users are appearing in the meeting room - it's just myself as the host so I'm concerned the results are misleading. Reports after the test show no failed sessions.

I've had a look at the help files for the Flash Module in case I'm missing something but there's no advice on including that module or how to use it in general. Does anyone have any experience testing Adobe Connect or a flash based application that could offer some advice?

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Hi Sergei, thanks for responding. I tried to post a dropbox link to my profile yesterday but I guess a moderator didn't like that so the reply didn't get through. Is there a good way to get it to you? It's too big (1.7MB) to attach to a post.

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