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Customize HTML based reports

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Is it possible to customize the standard HTML reports? There is a lot of data which appears in the HTML reports which includes Summary Report, Performance Data etc. As per my understanding these reports are created on the basis of xsl defined in the WAPT Installation Path (\ReportTemplates)


The current format is fine and the same includes enough data but we would want to make certain modifications as per our standard report.


Few of the modifications which we would want to do are:


-> Errors in all the profiles should be integrated as per the report. Currently these are as per profiles. Also in addition it should include the error code as well. For Example: Network Error can be a 10054 or 10061.


-> We also want to include some Custom Graphs and rather than keeping graphs separately we wish to project them along with the data.



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WAPT 9.0 and WAPT Pro 4.0 use JavaScript for the report building. You can change JavaScript files for the report customization.

But it is not possible to add network error codes to the report.

Also you can include custom graphs to the report only if you create them manually from the raw data.

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