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$CSV variable config mystery

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I'm adding a variable in a loop that I want to pick a new date from a .csv file for every iteration.


The WAPT help says:

Different values for different: Choose a desired mode: users, sessions or loop_name iterations.


However there is no "loop_name" available?

See attached picture.


Bug or has this option not yet been added?




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Yes, that's exactly what I did but I still could not select "Loop_name iterations".


Now it works however??


After playing around with it I think that the problem was that I had made duplicates of the loop and I didn't have unique names on each of the instances.

No I have renamed the loops to "Loop name 1" and 2 and 3 and so on.


Maybe you should consider to check the loop names that they are unique at creation or renaming?

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Thanks for you bug report.

We have changed a behavior of this feature in the new version, so all problems should be fixed.

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