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Javascript Initialization Error with many users

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I've been using WAPT Pro 2.5 for a while now, and I recently started running tests with more total users than I had before. I generally run using "ramp-up load".


When reviewing the user logs (which I have set to record errors), it looks like most of the ramped-up users run fine, but at a certain point every user that gets created shows "Javascript Initialization Failure."


For example, looking at the logs for one of my two profiles after a 24-hour run (ramping up to 600 users for this profile), User 535 shows two failed sessions labeled Session 1 and Session 2 (the errors it got were expected for this system). User 536 shows no failed sessions. User 537's log shows two entries under it, both labeled "Session 52090", both saying "JavaScript Initialization Error". In each of those tabs, the Request Body, Response Header, and Response Body are the same, and appear to be the contents of one of the two .js files configured in the WAPT Settings (the functions.js that came with WAPT and a javascript file I added for my profiles). Users 538 through 600 show the same thing, with only (five-digit) session number changing. The logs for my second profile show the same thing--the users are fine up until approximately the same time as the other profile started going bad, and then all the users created after that only show "Javascript Initialization Error."


Users created before this point appear to have had no problems with the javascript, as it is integral to the test and I can see from my application that those users were succeeding. Based on the summary report's count of successful and failed sessions, I suspect that these initialization-error users were contributing a lot of failed sessions.


This is the second time I've seen this; the first was an 8-hour 1035-user (across both profiles) run where the last 35 users exhibited the problem, this one was 1035 users over 24 hours with about the last 100 users exhibiting the problem. I never saw this problem on previous runs, but those didn't get over 700 users.


Is this a known problem? Is this a factor of having too few load agents? Is this something that would be fixed in a more recent version of WAPT?

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This is a known limitation
A virtual user with JavaScript requires much more resources, so you need to use additional Load Agents.

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