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Guest kurt

Ordered List variables do not change with sessions

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Guest kurt

While looping over a single profile with multiple sessions, variables based on 'sessions' do not change.


I have tried using 'Load strings from a file' and with the static list stored in the profile with same results. (WAPT 6.0 Built on Sep 9 2009)

If the Ordered List is based on 'users', it works properly.



$LOrder(2,datafile.txt) does not work

$LOrder(1,datafile.txt) works


But our testing environment would like to be based on # of sessions.


Note: $Var(Session number) increments properly and is set on same page as the other variables.


Also, is the LoopDocId in the xml supposed to be all zeros? i.e:

                    <Parameter Type="0">
                            <Function Type="5" LoopDocID="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000">

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