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Question on ordered lists

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Hi Experts,


Am trying to record the login-logout operation with different users.

I open the profile I have created, go to the step where the login is being performed, see the username and password in clear text. Edit the variable to Ordered Lists, different values for sessions and add the 6 to 7 different usernames I want to try.

I do the same for the password.

So both my lists look like










where 1 is the username and password as well


Now when I run the tests, I still see the login happening as user1 only, not 2/3/4/5/6/7. Any suggestions?


Thanks !

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Each virtual user executes sessions one by one. As soon as it completes a session, it starts the next one, and so on until the test is finished. So, each virtual user emulates several successive real users and can execute corresponding number of sessions during the test. At any moment the number of active concurrent sessions is equal to the number of virtual users. When you verify the profile only one session is executed.

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