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Guest Trevor

User think time

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Guest Trevor

Good morning

i seem to have a slight issue with users think time “Specified in request”


I created a single profile with only one user, I then searched a website for about 7 mins selecting different pages etc

when we ran the load test the whole process only took about 2 seconds to complete


we where hoping the software would allow us to run a single profile with searches and then multiple profiles including the first profile and compare the end results


Many thanks


Trevor Kerr


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Guest angela

Hi Trevor,


Your post is the first on this forum, congratulations! :)



As far as we can see from your Report, the reason why your test was stopped too soon is


500 Internal server error


Profile 21.page_28: http://**.*.*.***/m/cvviewer/default.aspx (28)




After this request the test was stopped. It seems that you have the option "Break user session on errors" enabled.






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