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Execute X Sessions Doesn't Run X Sessions

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This is in WAPT Pro 3.0, Dec 6, 2012 Build.


I have a test where setting Execute X Sessions only executes 1 session no matter what X is set to.


In Test Volume -> Profile start and completion settings, I have the radio button for Execute: X user sessions set to any number > 1.

In Test volume -> Load, I have Fixed number of users set to 5.


When I run this test, the summary report shows Successful Sessions of X, however only one session is actually run (from looking at my DB) and under Logs, each user only shows 1 session.


Now, if I change Test Volume -> Profile start and completion settings Run time: to a fixed number of minutes, the test will run multiple sessisons correctly.


Is the Execute: X sessions not running properly a known issue?



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