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Guest Ketan Panchal

How to find and replace all in POST parameters

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Guest Ketan Panchal



I am trying to record a test scenario on .Net application with silver light used. I have defined one session id as a variable (session_id) in say page_6 response. now i want to use this session_id variable in all the consecutive page requests.

Currently, What i am doing is: going to each page and search for the recorded session_id and replace it with $Var(session_id). This thing i am doing manually and it consumes a lot of time.


Is there any way like find all and replace all to this (in POST parameters) ?


I looked at find and replace option under edit menu but it has find options only limited to name, server, port, URL path, parameters, variables, port, HTTP headers. It does not find and replace content found in response body.


Please see the attached screenshot for more clear picture on this.


Please help me out on this, it will save a lot of time of mine if resolved.



Ketan Panchal


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