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Response validation doesn't work for silverlight

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Guest Rist



I am trying to test a silverlight application that uses soap+msbin1 requests to communicate with the server.


When I try to use response validation for a message with Content-Type "application/soap+msbin1", it always fails, giving me "Response message validation error" even though recieved message contains the string I'm searching for. I tried both validation for each request and general profile settings. Is it because the validation rule applies to a message before it's decoded into understandable XML form? Is there any other way I can check if response message contains no errors?



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The validation rules are applied to text responses only. For Silverlight you can use $XPath function + If Then Else operator + Stop session operator.

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Hi Sergei,

I have the same situation with the binary http protocol "hessian". There is no structured data I could check.

Normally I would do the validation by using a byte sequence. But it doesn't work neither with a single character nor with a byte code (both are available in the response data).


In the case of an functional error I get an http 200 status code and the substring "exception" within the response data. That's why the check of http return code doesn't help.


Is there a way to check the repsonse data?

Thank you,


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