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Possible To Set Specific Number Of Runs/Sessions?

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Guest wndstorm

To Whom It May Concern,


Minor question. In addition to setting a number of fixed users (e.g., 10) while setting up a Scenario, is it possible to also then tell each of those 10 virtual users to ONLY execute X sessions/runs?


I do know that we could set a # of "user sessions before test end", but it's possible the # of sessions will be uneven across the user population.


Our authentication is programmatic and is limited at any moment to the amount of relevant data stored in our active database.




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It isn't possible. But if you parameterize virtual users properly it will be unnecessary. When a virtual user finished session it becomes indistinguishable from the others.


In the new version of WAPT we added the Stop User operator which stops virtual users. You can download beta version from http://www.loadtestingtool.com/forum/builds/WAPTPro3.0.beta.zip

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