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Guest Noregon

Large number of Network errors (10051) during Ramp-up test

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Guest Noregon

I have created a test scenario with several profiles. When I run a test on any given profile, I get numerous Network Errors during the test for the first page request. All of them report as [Network error: 10051 - "A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network."]. The errors start occurring when the user load is increased, but doesn't occur for every user. The first error generally occurs for User3 when load first increases from 2 to 4; they continue to occur for other non-specific users that are created as the ramp-up continues. To test the connection, I created a BAT file that loops a WGET command continuously to the same server and ran it concurrently in 4 separate processes (DOS command shell windows); all returned success, but occasionally would pause a second or two waiting to resolve the DNS name or get the server response. I am attaching the user profile as well as the logs (for 1st & 3rd user).

Thanks for your help.


Client/Load Machine Specifics:

Windows 7, 64-bit, w/ SP1

i5 CPU 2.67GHz, 4GB RAM

WAPT Pro 2.5, build 5/18/12 w/ ASP.NET module


Webserver Details:

Server running at remote location that we are contracting to

I had IT check router/firewall and they say the requests are not being blocked (they say the requests are logged as potential w/ warning, but not blocked)

IT checked server performance and says server doesn't appear to be at critical load

WAPT SNMP counters indicate server performance criteria is OK.


Scenario/Profile Details:

Ramp-Up from 2 to 10, w/ step 2 every 12secs for a run-time of 01:00

For this test, I only selected to run 1 profile

I've tried increasing user-think time for the first request from (0 to 1) to (5-10); less sessions (expected), but still get network errors

I've tried setting "Server response valid if response time is less than" to 5000 and 10000 (5sec & 10sec); no affect

I've tried changing the "Wait seconds after session failure" from 1 to 5secs; less failed sessions (expected, but still get network errors

I've turned on and off the "Keep alive server connection" with no affect


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Guest Noregon

Sergei, thank you for your response.


We did have IP spoofing turned on in the Load Agent. I turned it off and now everything works; there are no network errors.

So why would having IP spoofing turned on cause network errors?


Thanks for your help!


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