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Guest vince

Accessing HTML DOM through javascript

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Guest vince



I have tried a couple to javascript commands, which are mentioned in the WAPT Help, in my script.

Below mentioned is the Javascript:

var doc = context.document;

var body = context.responseBody;

var header = context.responseHeader;

var userID = context.userID;

var sessionNumber = context.sessionNumber;

context.variable("test") = "testvar";



After Test Run, in the log it is saying "JavaScript failed. Object doesn't support this property or method".


Instead of forms[0] I have also tried with the formname in the response code. I tried these inside a function. Then javascript didn't fail but nothing was executed. Everything was blank.


How can I access HTML DOM through javascripts. Is there some settings to be changed? I have attached a screenshot of javascript and the result log.



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Guest vince

Thanks Sergei. My syntax was wrong. Thats why I didn't get it. I was using "doc.forms[0].getElementById("id").value" instead of "doc.forms[0].elements["name"].value". Got it now :)


Do you know the keyword for getting the value based on element id. I tried "getElementById" but no use.

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