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Random occurrence of "SSL Error. Some I/O error occurred. []"

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I am using WAPT Pro 2.5 on a Windows 2008 R2 server.

Profiles are using random think time 3-20, Max connection speed, Loading Page Elements true, using cookies, using keep alive, breaking user session on error.

Pages are under Basic Authentication and use SSL 2.0/3.0 and WAPT certificates.


I recorded 10 Profiles without any errors occurring whatsoever during recording.

When I attempt to "Verify Test" the recorded Profiles I get inconsistent results.

Some Profiles run through to completion, others halt on error at random points with the message "SSL error. Some I/O error occurred. []".

The Profiles are fundamentally the same, they merely have some data variations in them and navigate around the site in slightly different order, but all Profiles ~DO~ hit the same pages performing the same actions.

The data variations record perfectly okay, so there is no problem with the data itself being run through the pages.

Each "Verify Test" yields different results when it comes to which pages will throw the error.

That indicates to me that the error is more likely with WAPT than with anything else.


Why is WAPT throwing such random and uninformative errors?


Best wishes, Paul.

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