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Guest dua

Does WAPT tool generate scripts?

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Guest dua

I am currently doing some research in which tool to use in my company to do load/performace testing....

people suggested OpenSTA,WAPT and many more...


I read the whole "WAPT Quick Start Guide" but did not find anything which states that WAPT generates the script which can be customized based on test scenarios?


So, my questions is : Does WAPT generate scripts when you record users steps while browsing a web application?


If it does generate script where I can read more about it? like what is the language of script?



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Guest Anuta



Did you get a reply on your question? I am new to performance testing and currently reading about this product. It looks like it does recording. Which scripting language is used? If I don't have any knowledge in programming and scripting languages can I work with Performance test?



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