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Guest rbidner

Is there definition of numbers shown in the reports and how they are arrived at?

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Guest rbidner

I have a number of questions:


1) I have a script where i have one user and set it to run for 10 minutes. I have 2 pages under initial and 7 pages under main. I see response time in the report for the pages under initial for every iteration through the pages. In reading the documentation i thought i should see the initial pages run once and then the pages in Main run multiple times?


2) Also when i set the scenario to one user and 5 sessions the page counts include the initial pages 5 times?


3) What is the difference between "hits" and "pages"? Hits seems higher.


4) is there a way to get the response time for a page across the full run not just by interval? i.e. if I run a test for an hour i would like the statistics to have a "total run" average, 90 percentile, min and max.?


5) when I set the user think time to "specified in request" is there variance added to this? ( I see there is a range returned in the report under the URL's list". Also when I run the test the time between the submission of pages "think time" seems to vary between iterations so I was curious how the variation in think time is derived?


Any explanations would be appreciated


Thanks Bob B




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