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Guest snoflower

Test setup for 1600 simultaneous connections

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Guest snoflower

I am having some problems whit test results (db overrun) due to high user connections in a short time.

We need to test up to 1600 concurrent users performing random actions on the database.

The problem is that after a while around 600 users random requests come all at once, delays dont seem to fix the issue.

The DB get overrun by requests en dies a slow death and error come up in de results.

Played around whit delays and random delays but the only solution found so far is let the test run over a LONG period of time, 8 hours so that de DB can keep up.

I need to speed up this testing, cant wait 8 hours for one result. SOme solutions so that the queries don come all at once...


How to approach this situation, all input is greatly appreciated ?


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