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Guest Manel

Session/Fixed user load issue

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Guest Manel

I have a senario created for


Fixed user load=3

number of user sessions to complete =1

profile1-iteration 1


and I used an Order list to give 3 different user names/passwords for each user.

(please see the 2 attached screen shots)



I except the above to run as follows : Each user should run only 1 session, by using the given user names/passwords



Actual behavior.

only the first user "manel" was logged in and executed the the pages requests.



My questions:

1) why other users didnt work when the user load is 3?

2) when i modified the user sessions to 3, all 3 users logged in and executed their own session (1 session) and logged off as expected

3) Is this mean user load =user session? I'm confused



please help.













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Hi Manel,


try increase number of initial users from 0 to 3 and run time to several minutes.



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