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Script to hit multiple web pages

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Trying to build a basic WAPT script to just render pages.

For example, a script that will just go to www.site1.com - and that is it...


I would like to know if within the script, is it possible to parameterize and make data driven the "site1" portion?

Thus, the "site1" can be replaced randomly from a data source file that list:










New to WAPT, and I know this is probably easy, but does anyone have an example of something similar to this type of scenario?

Or, can point our some "usage" samples already discussed within this WAPT forum?




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I have a few URL's to view each day.

Just want to make sure my DB can handle a load of 10 users just hitting the URL.


I can do this in WAPT by recording 10 to n lines of my URL, but just wanted to know if there was a way to do this by pointing to a file that contained all my URL's.



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