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  1. Hello, Is there a way to configure WAPT to randomly select from the available radio buttons on a page? For example, my page has a number of selection options, appearing in the WAPT Name column like this : ctl00$MainContentPlaceHolder$Repeater1$ctl00$Webdatagrid1$ctl02$txtEdit2 ctl00$MainContentPlaceHolder$Repeater1$ctl00$Webdatagrid1$ctl03$txtEdit2 ctl00$MainContentPlaceHolder$Repeater1$ctl00$Webdatagrid1$ctl04$txtEdit2 ctl00$MainContentPlaceHolder$Repeater1$ctl00$Webdatagrid1$ctl05$txtEdit2 ctl00$MainContentPlaceHolder$Repeater1$ctl00$Webdatagrid1$ctl06$txtEdit2 etc.. To the right of each row is the WAPT Value column. On arecorded session we have '2' next to repeater item 1, as the option was selected. ctl00$MainContentPlaceHolder$Repeater1$ctl00$Webdatagrid1$ctl02$txtEdit2 2 How do I configure WAPT to select randomly from one of other 12 repeater text options on the page? Many thanks, Andrew
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