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  1. Follow on question. I have recorded a test that grabs a value from a URL as a variable that I use to replace a URL parameter on a subsequent page, When I run it as a short test and only taking it to the point of replacing the value it works. However, when I use this as part of a larger test I receive a message that the URL is too large. The variable does the following search: $Search(?docId=,&re,1) which I then include on the page where I need to use that value; calling it as an autosearch variable. Thanks
  2. Thanks! I appreciate the help and was able to solve my problem. Thanks again
  3. I'm attempting to cut and paste a variable value from a web page that changes between executions. After recording, the value that is recorded is listed as static text. E.g. I cut and paste a value that is 100 during the recording of the script into a search box on the web page. During run time the value may be 50. I want to put the value of 50 (or whatever it is at run time) into the search box. However, each run of the test puts the value of 100 into the search box. How can I make that data that I cut and paste change with each execution of the script? Thanks
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