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  1. Hello, I'm in trouble, need some help. I'm tryin to run a test on a commercial site that requires money movement within the site. The thing is, when i record the script, i can buy shares from the stock market, but when i run the test for the Tool to buy them, it seems to not be making any money movement. To buy shares i have to be logged in with an user account. My account has money and it all seems alright when i'm recording the script. When i try to Run the test, it doesnt make anything, no buying, no transactions are made. The script is 1 User, 1 Session nothing complicated. Can anybody tell me what i'm doing wrong ? What i'm i suppose to do for the Tool to perform and buy a Share ? Or at least some transaction on the Site. Cause i get the Report that the test was performed, but when i get in the site as a normal user and try to validate that i bought something, nothing is showed on the log. Can someone PLZ PLZ tell me what might be going wrong cauz i'm in big trouble if i cant make this tool to make automatized shopping of this shares. If anyone needs any information on my problem just send me an email and i'll be glad to inform you on my issues.
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