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  1. Hi, I tried running a ramp-up load from 0-250 users with Steps 20 for every 3mins which will run for 1hr and 30mins. My test had stopped at 1:17-1:26 mark due to fully utilized memory on 2 Load Agents ( 6GB and 4GB). Now, I'm trying to figure out what could be the possible reasons behind this. I'm tossing between these factors I'm running a profile which contains 210 page requests and consist of several logins/logouts on it (I know this is not a good practice but let it be there first) Before running my profile I noticed the Physical Memory on my 2 load agents 6GB - 80% Physical Memory already consumed by other processes. 20% left 4GB - 30% Physical Memory already consumed. Now, i just want make sure that my profile will not cause this memory issue. Is there a difference between having a single profile with many page requests vs partitioning the page requests with different profile in terms of memory utilization of the load agent. Thanks, Marvin
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