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  1. Hi Team, I am seeing a lot of good stuff for WAPT as loading tool, especially adding varaible with value from response. however I have a question to update dynamic grid record. here is the senario. at certain page, there are large number of grid records. I need select first 5 records and change their quantities then update it. after update those 5 records change its status and won’t show at form anymore. I need continue to do this again and again. My question is, during the recording, those grid records were hardcoded as post parameter. Since at second execution, those records have been changed. I cannot send same post parameter to server. How WAPT can handle this? Make it simple, I want WAPT be able to do this. Step 1, Get whatever post parameter from current response, Step 2, do whatever you want to modify for those parameter Step 3, Send the updated post parameters back to server with other unchanged parameters together (but dynamically) Can WAPT do this? Thanks -Cliff
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