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    Load Agent Overload

    I ran a test simulating 500 concurrent users, however the report keep showing me load agent overloaded warning (Yellow, Red color in report). Any ideas what are the factors may causing the load agent overloaded?
  2. Note: - Data Center A and B is located in different location - Data Center A and B is connected with Internet Scenario: - WAPT Pro installed on Data Center A - Load Agent #1, #2 installed on Data Center B - Target web application at Data Center B Question: - When test start, will WAPT Pro (@ Data Center A) generate heavy request to Data Center B? (Concerning on heavy load test data slow down the whole connection between Data Center A &
  3. cL83

    Load Testing Concept

    Okie noted. thanks ;D
  4. Hi, When i record the load test script, besides the intended page that i want to test, i found that WAPT Pro record many of Google Analytic tracking post/get, and many others javascript files, or AJAX loading thingy. I would like to know is those get/post is useful for the performance/load testing? Can we remove all those unwanted steps and remain only the pages that we would like to test only?
  5. Hi, any idea if i wanna capture the dynamic session id at the back of the url example below: http://www.urlname.com/index.php?sessionid=xxxxxxxx the session id will change everytime when login and it is compulsory for the subsequent page visited. Any idea how can i store this dynamic session id and reuse it for the subsequent script?