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  1. Hi Sergei You were right, they had implemented a thing called granitesessionid to identify source of HTTP request. This did not exists in the previous buiId and I had completely overlooked that this was coming back with a different value on logon to the main page and required parameterisation. Thanks for your help, your response prompted me to think in the right direction.
  2. Hi could you explain what you mean by that please. This happens when I use one single user with only one session so as far as I can tell there is nothing to parameterise. It fails as soon as it logs on to the system as logging on invokes three HTTP communications from the one and only session.
  3. We are having an unexpected problem using WAPT 7.5 on an clients application. We had a number of tests which ran OK on a previous version but the application was upgraded to prevent users having the application open in two tabs at once (same user same session in IE). It now returns a message if it thinks requests are coming form different tabs in a browser. I can still record everything OK as the application can be used as normal manually. However on script play back it fails immediately as the application appears to think successive HHTP requests from a single WAPT user violate this rule. Has anyone encountered anything similar. I can find no way to get round this
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