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  1. Sometimes I need find some value in the log - for example user name, title of some message, etc. For log can i use only given selector. I think, that possibility to search for some value (like with function Find in the Profile) could be very useful. Bet Regards, Jiri Mundl
  2. Hi, according to Help of the "Module for JSON Format" I tried to use element index as $JPath(//Element[N=Thursday]/C) (see example in the Help for JSON Module) This method doesn't give any result. Instead quote I used apostrophes $JPath(//Element[N=Thursday]/C) and I gave the correct result. Is my solution proper? Best Regards, Jiri Mundl
  3. Hi, I tried export scenario results in the CSV format for the next handling. Exported file is incomplete - compare files in attachment. Best Regards, Jiri switch_module.zip
  4. Hi, on this port (1521) runs Oracle database server, no application server. Jiri
  5. Hi, on this port runs Oracle database server, not application server. Best Regards, Jiri
  6. Thank for your speed response. I tried it - problem is in our application - every new login ends with message about expired session. Jiri
  7. I prepared and realized test using WAPT 7.5. Some perspectives were recorded with external browsers (Firefox, MSIE). By replaying I watch logs of the application server (Tomcat 6.0). Compared to internal browser is log file empty, without any records. Too response times are smaller against internal browser. Best Regards, Jiri
  8. Hi Angela, from your web site http://www.loadtestingtool.com/download.shtml I installed new version WAPT (Last build: February 29, 2009). After installation I have to check this version, and it looks like the previous version from January 29, 2009. Best Regards, Jiri Mundl
  9. Hi Manel, try increase number of initial users from 0 to 3 and run time to several minutes. Jiri
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